I cannot remember a time when I did not know
This rhythm pounding the earth into tiny pieces
And soft castles sculpted by tiny hands.
My fear of the great blue monster faded
As I ran along its edges.

I’d leave, but it wouldn’t let me go.
Echoes of its whispering curls,
The sand in my sheets four days later,
The stench of a delicate seashell in a pocket.

On a sunny December morning we stood
Feet away from death, while a ravaged river silently saved our lives.

And still
We escape at every chance we get
Alone. Together. We stand at the edge of the world
Our sandy toes caressed by a realm beyond ours.
Finally free to really see as far as the eye can see.
Rage, serenity, a playful caper
A sheet of shimmering silver at my feet
A roaring whisper
Recognized from somewhere just beyond the shores of memory.

I lie on a thin mattress on the floor
Of a room in a town not so far away.
This town has no edges;
There is no blue margin to contain
This monstrosity, this chaotic maze,
This uncontrolled explosion of humanity.
An oppressive cold dryness hangs over me
The silence keeps me awake.
A tiny reptile
Struggles through giant fingers
Towards home.

– Nandhini


2 responses to “Edges

  • kaber

    This is really good actually. I like it.

  • Sivakami Velliangiri

    I find it good in the webzine…I like the way you describes the tsunami, the blue borders of the place you dwell in, the lines where you state “the echoes of its whispering curls, the rhythm pounding earth into tiny pieces”. But I didn’t quite understand what you exactly meant by “the ravaged river that saved their lives”. Initially when I read this I thought you were on the edge of land where you could see nothing but only ocean around it and feel the sand on your blanket and the seashell roars in your pocket. But, when I saw the tags and I read the piece twice, I realized that It was about the tsunami. Very well-written. What did you feel about the lines?

    Sivakami Aunty posting these comments for Nithya Raghavan

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