This is what we do.

So there’s only two things we believe in really – real life interaction and original content.

One, because we are slightly tired of the internet, and two, because we are sick of watching plays with people with fake British accents.

A bunch of us writer-type people get together every Sunday evening – writers, people who want to learn to write, people who think writers are cool, people who have an idea but don’t know how to get it out there, you get the idea. We read our work, we bounce ideas of each other, we criticize, we throw politically incorrect jokes into the universe, and occasionally we yell at each other. We also love artists and musicians who don’t mind hanging out with writers.

Any form of written or spoken word goes – prose, poetry, fiction, spoken word / slam poetry, stand up comedy, scripts, original lyrics, it’s all good. If you have an original idea, we’re interested. Also, pretty pictures. We like pretty pictures.

Why do we do what we do? Because criticizing work in real life is different from doing it over the internet. Bouncing ideas off other people brings new perspective to work. And did I mention the politically incorrect jokes?

We occasionally have cake.

If you’re in Chennai, and you have an idea, contact us. Here. Now.


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