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Rule No. 1

This is a song, so it loses out a lot when its just read on a blog. Now that my compulsory excuse is out of the way, I can get on with apologizing. No, I’m just kidding, a writer never apologizes. But anyway, it’s a very silly song (forgive me!) about something that most people would consider a serious subject, but extended exposure to Tim Minchin teaches you that nothing is too serious for comedy song.

Gandhi was a simple man,
And he lived a great life.
Fathering this country,
Through the dark of the night.

Einstein was a smart man,
And he lived a great life.
Discovered laws that,
We couldnt even theorize.

Shakespeare was a writer,
And he lived some kind fo life.
(We’re not really sure about him at all to be honest.)
He wrote plays and poems,
That inspired the mind.

Bob Marley and John Lennon,
Isaac Asimov and Douglas Adams,
Mother Teresa and Isaac Newton,
Chacha Nehru and Benjamin Button.

What do they all have in common?
They’re all dead.
Its a tragedy but
Everyone dies in the end.

Hitler was a bad man,
And he lived a bad life.
Killed two million people,
With a wink of his eyes.

Jack was a ripper man,
And he lived a twisted life.
Walking down Whitechapel,
With a tophat and a knife.

Cruella De Vil and Josef Stalin,
Caligula and Charles Manson,
Pol Pot and Edward Cullen

What do they all have in common?
They’re all dead.
Thank dear lord in heaven that
Everyone dies in the end.

You and me, we’re flesh and blood
We dont have genius or madness up above,
But just like Chairman Mao and Michael Jackson,
We’ll have to present ourself for Judgement.
In that court and on that last day,
Be sure you’ve got no apologies to make!

Until they start selling little packets of life,
Down at Spencer’s Daily or Reliance Fresh,
Until they’ve cured sadness and strife,
With red pills of happiness.
Everbody’ll die in the end
oh yes, everybody’ll die in the end
Repeat into ten!
Everybody’ll die in the end. (3)

So remember your ‘Im sorry’s
And your ‘I love you’s
Dont let stupidity and sadness
Get the best of you.
You have one life
Got to live it.
Cause when you go.
‘s better not to over-regret it.

And when they go upto heaven,
Mourn their passing,
Wave goodbye,
And start weeping,
Cause every death is a lesson
Affirmed with the rising of the sun.
And if you’ve got any questions.
Refer to rule number one.


So, thanks for reading. As a reward let me link you to something much better about the same topic – Eric Idle singing That’s Death from the Discworld videogame.